Buffy and the Heroine's Journey


McFarland and Co.  Feb 2012. Categories: Television Feminism & Feminist Theory, Gender Studies
ISBN 13: 9780786467921 ISBN 10: 0786467924
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-7864-6792-1


There are many references in Buffy studies to the classic hero’s journey, but none to the classic heroine’s journey—unsurprising as there are only two works on the heroine’s journey—Maureen Murdock’s psychological study and my own From Girl to Goddess, just out from McFarland. Buffy’s journey is one of fiction’s most perfect fits for this pattern as she battles first the patriarchy and then the mother-destroyer, descending over and over into the underworld seeking enlightenment.
The heroine’s journey is about building a community of equals, about becoming a protector and rescuer of others rather than slaying a dark lord. When Buffy does both, defeating misogynist villains and saving the world many times over, she sets out on a subset of the heroine’s journey: the warrior woman’s path. After she conquers the land’s male enemies, she quests for her lost feminine side and seeks the First Slayer. From there, she takes the traditional heroine’s path, protecting her new sister Dawn from a goddess’s destruction. This quest reflects the Jungian cycle of facing one’s dark shadows as enemies and defeating them, reintegrating the fragmented parts of the self into power and wholeness. This Buffy does in the end, gathering an army of Slayers and reimagining the world as its new goddess of life and empowerment.

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