In the year 2403, Powerful evil wizards
Lotorinum led by Urgo of the Nightcurse
Alcansters royal palace in a
terrorist sneak attack, filling the
former palace with horrible monsters,
driving out the court, and causing
perpetual night. They caused the Well
of Forever to spew out an attack of
darkness. This new land became known
as Darkland. Peopled by evil monsters,
its few people live in barricaded caves,
struggling through life. They prize magic
almost religiously. Strong traditions, rules,
and honor code prevail. Home is also sacred to
these people.
These humans arrogantly claim the untamed lands,
and demand that travelers ask their permission
to enter them. Since life is rough they’re
avaricious and untrusting when outsiders come.
People can be accepted into their tribe or have
members speak for them, saving a life is a
strong debt. They trade with the few
outlying settlements of
Alcanster in return
for battling goblins and protecting them.
Alcanster borderers are suspicious of them
but rely on them for protection.