Then Jixil grew proud and haughty, as the magnificent Academy honored her above her siblings, even though she was the youngest and had made her Golden Crystal using all of their powers.  She began to gather more and more power into her crystal, although she had no need of it.  The creatures of Calithwain began to weaken and they turned to the remaining Seven to beg for guidance.  And the Seven journeyed from their corners of Calithwain to meet at the Silver Pillar, each of them leading several of the peoples of Calithwain beside them.

As Jixil grew more powerful and more despised, she also grew paranoid, fearing for her safety.  She abandoned her magnificent palace near the Academy (now lost forever) and built a powerful fortress over the perilous cliffs, with thick walls and strong gates. 

  Jixil carried her Golden Crystal to the Silver Pillar, where she set it, draining power from all the world.  There, the Seven made a circle around Jixil, the Seven inside, and the inhabitants of Calithwain circling them.  And they all saw Jixil feeding more power into the Golden Crystal.  Haluk spoke first.  “You must stop this, Sister.  You destroy Calithwain with your greed.”

Jixil stared down from atop the Silver Pillar.  “I shall take what I wish, and be the greatest spellcaster of them all.  And I am so great now that you, my feeble siblings, can no longer oppose me.”

The Seven sorrowfully joined hands around their youngest sister, and sang a song, of the loss of another sibling, to greed instead of to war.  And around them, their peoples joined hands as well.  The power of the entire Seven, combined with the power of mortals, freely given to stop the loss of life was no match for Jixil, powerful though she was.  The blast of their light shot into the Silver Pillar, traveling up its spine to explode the Golden Crystal into an explosions of tiny, iridescent slivers and knocked Jixil to the ground where she lay, her power broken.  The Seven bound Jixil there with a single thought, and counseled long into the night on how they should deal with her.  Finally they bound her in cords of pure silver and banished her to the deepest caverns to be found, in the shadow of the Perilous Cliffs. 

Then all of the Seven agreed that no longer should one of them rule over the magic of Calithwain, for such a temptation was too powerful for any of them.  They determined that each should teach their peoples as they thought best.