population 1 million

People here are spread out; the land is too cold for most farming.

NAMES AND LANGUAGE  From TiníKar = Tinkari  The empire has a different speech pattern, Seln and barbarians use a lesser version of it.

Ordeno empire doesnít have the verb ďto beĒ by itself.  They say ďI am being, you are being,Ē etc.  Negation- Iím not being.  Donít use going.  For Iím __ing, youíre __ing, use the present tense- I offer, you give.  Tiníkar and Seln also use (This indicates that Ordeno conquered Seln once upon a time, why do they leave them alone now?)  Everyone saks the common langage with this accent. Men always marry a woman from another tribe.  Each tribe hits ownl language they sspeak to each other.  Women speak their own langageb to men and husbandís language to kids.  Man speaks own language to everyone.

HISTORY Year 3185 The mages of TiníKar try to group together for a big spell.  It fails disasterously and creates a charred wasteland. 

GEOGRAPHY  Still some relics from the Oredano Empire.    Some earthquakes.  Lots of petrified trees, all focuses of jet.  Very cold, like Greenland.

EXPORTS Some furs, donít welcome traders or have their own.  Only they have hops, makes bitter, long lasting beer.  They donít take advantage of their coast, but donít let others do so either.  They used to explore in boats but stopped to fight Ordno.  A little shipping from Everhome.  They hunt shaggy buffalo, mostly.  Also deer, bear, mountain cats.  Eat big animals, only wimps eat little ones.

Hops (are "the ripe dried pistillate catkins of a hop" added to malt liquors, especially beer. The hop plant is a twining vine Humulus lupulus which grows in many locations in Europe. The plant is a member of the mulberry family and has three or five lobbed leaves and very small flowers. The pistillate flowers are in glandular cone-shaped catkins. Hops provide a bitter taste to beer, as opposed to the "fruity" taste of beer brewed without hops. The importance of hops lay primarily in its ability to stabilize and preserve beer, thus allowing it to both "keep" and "travel")

JUSTICE  Frontier law.  Harsh and decisive.  Everyone has the right to protest their innocence before the queen but this could result in torture not just death.  Theft of trophies is worst crime.

POLITICAL  Have Queen, but usurpers often take throne, perfectly legit.  Whoever is strong enough to hold the throne rules.  They have no alliances, but donít actively seek war.  Wary of strangers, harsh and challenging but warm up quickly if strangers are worthy. 

CLASS  Get respect from most jewelry and decorations.  Itís assumed you took them from people you defeated (killing optional).  Taking slaves is popular,if slaves display honorable behavior enough to stand oiut, theyíre free.  All people are warriors, all people earn status through battle and trophies, owning land doesnít matter.  King wears lots of gold and gives it to friends.  Heís addressed informally much of the time.  No titles, just fame of name.  No last names.  No ďhonorĒ in titles.

CURRENT ISSUES  Womenís rights, astrology predicts an ancient evil resurfacing, bad omens.

RELIGION  Little known about religion but involves many gods with different amounts of power, depends on phrase of stars, etc.  Superstitious and afraid of ghosts

CITIES  Everhome is an obvious target, so it has hidden defenses.

FOLK TRADITIONS    Warlike barbarians, try to raid whoever they can whenever they can (rumored at least).  Noted horse trainers and breeders, magic horses, flying, etc? Ride griffins? Speak to animals?  ďBlessings on your tableĒ after burping.  ďThe rider has a longer reach than the walkerĒ  ďThe rider sees over the walkerís head.Ē  Epic acrostics like Beowulf very popular, very low literacy.  Each speaks a bunch of languages, sees it as nothing unusual.  Primative, warlike heroes.  They build giant long houses/halls wherever they wish.  Some fishing and mining.  More than half the population live in tents and follow deer.  Often, men do this and women stay in houses. 

HOLIDAYS/CALENDAR: new year in middle of winter, called Yearís End.  Big feast, lots of twisted candles.  No months, just six seasons based on animal patterns.  A week of feasting at the start of autumn called Triumph to recall driving Ordno away. 

LIFECYCLES  Both men and women carry babies strapped to backs.  People learn from an actual or adopted uncle or aunt.  Their first hunt is the moment of adulthood.  They leave dead standing upright in caves, family crypts, sometimes underground and extensive.  No birthdays, just anniversary of their first hunt (in large groups).

MEN AND WOMEN  Most women stay out of menís roles, only gain power by backing a man.  Yet, within the family, women havea  ggrreat deal of power. Sometimes the y steal women from Lotorinum, maybe the queen is one. But the dancing considered it immodest for women, men dance to show our off their athletic experteese. Men and women donít touch in public, itís considered improper.

FOOD  Bitter beer, lots of meat, few vegetables.  Famous spicy soup thatís an acquired taste called Feklar. 

PLANTS AND ANIMALS  Potatoes come from here, lots of meat.  Plenty of mushroom caves.  Lots of pine tree products, but they donít do lots of herbal healing.  The herds of northern deer supplt almost everything.

MAGIC  TiníKar only uses jet for focuses, but theyíre in any shape, fashions change through years.  Magicians are honored and respected, especially animal ones.  Now use for courtly special effects. Lots of petrified trees, all focuses of jet. 

CLOTHING Long hair and beard traditional.  Donít mind smell of sweat.  Lots of jewelry as battle trophies. capes popular.  Mostly wear furs and scraped hides.  Nudity not a big issue for men or kids.  Neither sex is dressed without weapons and concealed weapons.  Women wear long wool dresses to stay home or dress like men for traveling.  Long hair tied back.   Tend to be very blond.

MONEY  They decorate with other peoplesí and donít make their own.  They barter a lot.

The Tinkar national animal is a griffon; their banner is black with a brown griffon.