Calithwain's magical school, known simply as The Academy, was founded in the year
827 by Jixil, youngest of the Seven. Before she turned to evil knowledge
and the endless desire for power, she taught magic to the humans of Calithwain,
building the Academy to aid them in focusing their powers. Today, over
2000 years later, the school recruits new mages from every kingdom and teaches
them the way to become good mages. Mages focus power through individual crystals
commonly set in wands, rather than the monumental crystal of Jixil's day.
Rumors suggest that a few young mages hold secret loyalties to Jixil, turning
from the path of good magic to become witches and warlocks.

Academy Oath:
I will fight if I must, but I will use magic to only defend myself, my friend, or my cause.
I will never use my learning for the sake of my own pride, power, or personal gain.
I will cast on behalf of those who donít share magicís power.
I will never take power from those unwilling, or use magic to alter them.

Magic is instinct channeled into motion, so everyone perceives that instinct differently: people who want to hide turn invisible, those who lash out throw fire.  If you have a strong need, itíll appear regardless of your talent area, but can vary accordingly (do you build a bridge, summon an eagle to carry you, walk on water, etc).  Lessons teach you to control this and turn instinct into will, not to use too much power in a huge explosion, and to learn other areas (in your own way).