Fiki walks in many forms, often that of a monkey.  He is a trickster, reckless and irresponsible.  He fights with a barbed whip

Fiki’s portion of Calithwain was its borders, which he did his best to solidify.  He asked Theored’s help in bordering the North with high, treacherous mountains.  He zealously guarded the West as well.  Nulaan’s tears safeguarded the South and East.  All was secure.

And yet, Fiki’s nature was such that he made gaps in the mountains, for he thought someday he might wish to let someone in for his own reasons.  So he told no one about the defenseless passages in the mountains.  Years passed, and Fiki forgot about the holes that he had made in Calithwain’s border.  One day, Haluk summoned the Eight to convene at the Silver Pillar.  “There are new creatures in Calithwain!” he said.  “Who has placed them here?”  All of his siblings denied allowing new creatures into Calithwain.

“They must have traveled through my mountains,” said Theored.  “I had thought them secure, making them to Fiki’s exact specifications.”  It was then that Fiki was forced to confess what he had done.  Callnera and Hotan demanded that he close the passages and remove the odd interlopers from Calithwain, since he had caused the problem.  But Haluk ordered them to wait.

“These creatures are in my territory, and have done no harm.  I would care for them, as Sidaria has the elves and Theored the dwarves.”  And this was how the first humans came to Calithwain.  Jixil taught them spells as she had the others, and they created an Academy in the mountains on the border of Calithwain, devoted to learning magic and to honoring the great Jixil, who set them above the humans of the Five Kingdoms North of Calithwain.