The elves live in a peaceful, forest dwelling community
of hunters and gatherers.  The first to join Sidaria's
Compact of Mutual Protection, an elf is always detailed
 as her honor guard.  They worship the triple moons
and keep their population relatively small. 
Their preferred instruments are drums, small harps, and panpipes.
Elves are formidable fighters and honorable allies.

They're known for their magical lamps, spiderlace, and ornamental plants.  They're powerful healers who can speak with animals.  The write calligraphy, poetry, music, and dazzling epics.  Their beautiful homes harmoniously blend into the landscape.  With delicious exotic foods, the elves want everything to be harmonious and decorative.  Anyone can appeal to Lady Sidaria for help.


They welcome humans and respect most other races if they respect the forest.  Many mages from the Academy come to study, few people outside Calithwain want to.