In the year 1012, Sehara the Pale Haired and Jeren Blackfinger, the first Dragonriders, founded the Knight's Training Camp. Sehara's famous journal spread the written word to the warriors and the students at the nearby Academy.

The Dragonlady, Sehara the Pale-haired was a nomad, driven out because she was an albino.  At last, she met a young man driven from the Academy because he attempted a spell too powerful and it drained his magical energy permanently: Jeren Blackfinger, so called because of the explosionís effects.   She taught him to be less arrogant, he taught her to be more confident.  Though total opposites, they finally fell in love.  They built the Knightís training grounds, mixing nomad fighting and northern fighting.  Everyone is welcome there, tot his day.  But they made a mistake about the location.  The dragons were enraged, since a camp of fighters grew right under their territory, apparently threatening them.  They attacked en mass, and everyone would have been killed if not for the two heroes who herded them into nearby caves. 

Clearly, they needed to reach a settlement.  Sehara and Jeren climbed to the dragonís lair, alone and unarmed.  This impressed the dragons enough that they werenít killed on sight.  The pair of humans swore that the fighters didnít mean harm to the dragons.  The dragons decided to give them a chance to prove themselves.  Through their heroism, Sehara and Jeren brought peace to their new community.