Sidaria, protectress of the forests and Lady of Life
lives near her most beloved people, the elves.  The dryads also serve her.
Second eldest of the Seven, she guides all creatures
of the forest with worthy laws, protecting and binding
them into her Compact. Her White Crystal provides
magic for herself and for all her followers. She has
dozens of long, long braids black as a starless
night, and wears a simple white dress that
sweep down to the crystal floor. Her eyes
are pools of shimmering brown that seem to
go on forever, warming the room with their soft glow.
Shes known for her wisdom but more for her compassion.

Through a strange twist, she found herself Jixils keeper.
For she was the only one of the Seven who was willing to care
for their youngest sister and turn her back to walking
the same path as the others, being filled
with a willingness to aid the many peoples of Calithwain.
As the ages passed, Sidaria nurtured her sister in her
underground prison, hoping to reform her. Time passed, and
still there was no change in the sullen Jixil.
Yet Sidaria, most generous of spirit, still tried.