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Search Engine Positioning

Try Search Engine Watch for tips.

1. The Tools of the Trade: Don't even think of doing your own search engine positioning unless you have these software programs with you.

2) Choosing the correct keywords for your site: Tells you how you can choose the keywords for which you should optimize your site for the search engines.

3) The importance of having your own domain name: Tells you why you need to have your own domain name in order to get a high ranking in the search engines.

4) Creating Keyword Rich Pages: Tells you how you can create pages which are designed to rank highly in all the search engines.

5) Creating a robots.txt file: How you can create a robots.txt file in order to prevent your site from being penalized for spamming by the search engines.

6) Software to help you create a robots.txt file: Describes a software which will automate the task of creating a robots.txt file.

7) Improving the Link Popularity of your site - Link popularity is becoming an increasingly important factor in search engine placement. Find out the methods you can use to improve the link popularity of your site, and know which methods you should not use. 

8) Submitting your site to the Open Directory: Discover how you should submit your site to the Open Directory in order to get a high ranking in many of the major search engines.

9) Becoming an Open Directory Project Editor: Can't get your site listed in the Open Directory, no matter how hard you try? Find out how you can become an editor of the Open Directory and get your site an optimum listing in it.

10) Frames and Search Engines - Find out how to get good rankings in the search engines if your site uses frames.

11) Page Cloaking - To Cloak or Not to Cloak - Find out what is page cloaking, how it is implemented, and whether or not you should actually use page cloaking.

12) Top 10 Search Engine Positioning Mistakes - The top mistakes that people make when they try to optimize their sites for the search engines. Avoid these mistakes to save yourself a lot of anguish and frustration in the long-run.

13) Glossary: Contains an explanation of commonly used terms in the world of search engine positioning.



Book Promotion

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BookSense "Advance Access" Program

Your book will be announced in Booksense's monthly newsletter to approximately 1,200 independent booksellers. After receiving a free review copy from you, stores will read it and decide whether to carry it in their store, and hopefully even nominate it for the BookSense 76. No obligations or promises, but it is one way to prime the pump and get the word out. Stores will email you directly. The fee is $100 per title. For more information, go to

Sites to visit and consider joining:

Sites for marketing info:
Fiction Factor: Free ebooks on marketing
Earthly Charms-great article on promotion:
Jennifer Hollowell’s Pre-Marketing Plan:


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These were some authors who just had very nice-looking webpages.