The Call to Adventure

Without a catalyst, Cinderella might remain in her kitchen forever. Some event, either a chance at freedom and happiness or a devastating act of destruction propels the heroine from her place of safety and into the frightening world of the spirit.

Ethne, a primitive Irish goddess, grew up guarded by a demon who warded her from the gaze of men. She drank only milk of a sacred Indian cow and committed to perpetual virginity. Others say she was locked in a high tower because of a prophecy that her sons would kill their father. Regardless, in later legends, her people offered her up as a bride to the people of the Tuatha de Dannan to unite their peoples, dragging her from her exile so she could rejoin the lifecycle. Her son was Lug, god of light. Patricia Monaghan, The Book of Goddesses and Heroines 101

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            The Burden of Isis